Bittilo lists Global Game Coin (GGC)

Bittilo has revealed users of its exchange will be able to buy and sell Global Game Coin (GGC) now listed on the platform as of August 18.

Global Game Coin

Your chance to receive bonus on every GG World Lottery jackpot won!
The rule is simple – each time someone’s win the GG World jackpot you win with him! The 1% of jackpot is distributed among all token holders that have registered their Ethereum token-holding account in our website’s panel.
For the initial period of GG World Lottery operation, every registered token-holder will receive 1% bonus based on the ticket sales income. Sign up, fill up your token-holding Ethereum address and you’re done – just wait until someone’s win or try your luck by yourself as the game is already live!

Fee for withdrawal: 20 GGC
Minimum withdrawal amount: 0.1
Increment Amount: 0.01
Network: ERC20
Trading Pair: GGC/USDT
Minimum trade size: 0.01