Get started on Ethereum with Bittilo DEX

Bittilo DEX is the fastest and easiest way to buy and sell tokens in a decentralized manner. Token exchange happens fully on-chain, which means Bittilo DEX never holds your funds, and trades are always transparent on the blockchain. You can trade with peace of mind as you’re always in control.
To own your first crypto, you need to first create your own wallet and address to store your crypto. Bittilo DEX is based on the Ethereum blockchain and 0x protocol, so you need to create a new Ethereum wallet.

First install/use the Metamask browser extension, and create your wallet on Metamask.

With your new wallet and address, you can now connect to Bittilo DEX to send, receive, and store Ethereum tokens!

Your new wallet is empty, so it’s time to buy some Ether! Ether, or commonly known as ETH, is the native digital currency of Ethereum. ETH is required for all kinds of activity on the blockchain network, as a transaction fee in ETH (gas) is paid to the network when you perform any action.
On , click ‘Buy ETH’ on the menu bar.
With our Coindirect collaboration , you can easily purchase ETH using fiat currency (Visa/Mastercard credit or debit cards) through a very simple process. Currently, there’s a minimum purchase of 20 EUR
Coindirect is a 3rd party service provider. Crypto is highly volatile. Information contained in this post is not intended as financial advice.

In order to trade on Bittilo DEX you will need to connect a crypto wallet to the platform.
When you open Bittilo DEX the wallet connection status will be “Metamask Locked”, showing that your wallet is not connected.

Click on the “Click to Connect MetaMask” button and then unlock that wallet.

Login to your Metamask extension.
While connected you will see “My Wallet” with the shortened public address in the wallet connection status.

Disconnect by logging out of Metamask.

Enabling your tokens is what makes it possible to safely trade from your own wallet. This is done by using part of the ERC-20 standard known as Token Allowance.
You do not need to enable the token allowance to receive a token in a trade, only to send it as part of your trade.

Can I just enable them all at once?
Unfortunately you can’t. In order to enable a token you must send a transaction to that specific token contract. This means each token requires its own transaction to be enabled.

You will need ETH in your wallet to enable tokens.
Make sure the wallet you connect has a small amount of ETH in it to pay for transaction costs when enabling tokens.

You can only enable tokens you have.
Because you only need to enable tokens you are selling, tokens you don’t own won’t appear in the wallet.

You will need to enable WETH and ZRX to trade for other tokens.
You will need to enable any token you plan on selling for another one. Enabling WETH will allow you to buy other tokens with WETH. If you want to sell a token for WETH, you will need to enable that token. ZRX will be used to pay for relayer fees, so it must also be enabled no matter the tokens you’re trading.

How to Enable Tokens

Click the “My Wallet” and click the white padlock on the right side of the token you wish to trade.

Next select the gas price and confirm the transaction with your wallet. The gas price will affect how fast the token allowance transaction is processed. Higher gas prices will mean faster transactions.
Once the transaction is complete the padlock will be grey, showing that the token allowance is enabled.

Why do I need to wrap my ETH to trade?
For the time being, relayers can only trade ERC-20 tokens. The ERC-20 standard was created after Ethereum was made so ETH doesn’t conform to it. In order to make it meet the standard is must be “wrapped”.

How to wrap ETH

Open the “My wallet”.

Click “Convert”. In the field under ETH enter an amount of ETH you wish to wrap.

Make sure to leave enough ETH unwrapped in order to pay for transaction fees. They can’t be paid in WETH.
Press the “Update Balance” button, choose your gas price and then confirm the transaction on your wallet.

The easiest way to unwrap would be through the 0x Portal. Simply click unwrap and confirm the transaction. This will also work for deprecated WETH.

We don’t have any fees presently.
There are no fees on Bittilo DEX right now but users still need to pay gas costs for transactions. We will announce when we turn fees on and they will be competitive with other forms of exchange in the crypto space.

You pay gas any time you send a transaction to the Ethereum blockchain. There are several instances including:

Wrapping ETH
Unwrapping ETH
Enabling a token allowance
Filling an existing order (“taker”)
Cancelling an order
Sending tokens or ETH from your wallet

Why Don’t I Pay Gas to Create an Order?
When you create an order, you’re signing your willingness to execute a trade with specific parameters (quantity, price, expiration). The order is hosted off-chain by us, so nothing is settled on the blockchain until an order is executed.

Although we have no fees presently, we will eventually turn on fees. The 0x Protocol requires that relayers take fees in ZRX. This requirement is also the reason that your ZRX token allowance must be enabled, even if you aren’t being required to pay a fee. In the future, we would like to implement fee abstraction, allowing users to pay fees in BTLO token.

0x Project is an open, permissionless protocol allowing for ERC20 tokens to be traded on the Ethereum blockchain. The 0x team created and now maintains smart contracts that handle on chain token settlement that relayers like Bittilo DEX use.